Feather Care

Delícia Feather Care

Every piece is prepared and hand-packed in a pet, smoke and odor free space, and every care is taken to package well. In the unlikely event that any feathers get bent you can use a cool iron so smooth them back into shape. Do be careful of any colour transfer though – I use an old tea towel underneath and on top just in case. You could also slightly dampen them for best results.

Please also be aware that dyed feathers are not always colourfast and may bleed onto other feathers or fabrics when wet. Most Delicia feathers are pretty resilient to water but supplies may vary, so always check before using in the rain.

Our advice would be, wherever possible:

  • Keep out of the  rain
  • Keep out of direct sunlight in the long term (ie, don’t store in a window!)
  • Protect from moths in a well sealed bag or use lavender or moth balls to deter them
  • Feathers are fragile so be careful when you transport them.

And most of all, enjoy them and be fabulous!

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