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(port)/noun: delicious, delight, delectation, luxury, delicacy

(port)/noun: delicious, delightful, yummy, delectable.

Established in 2014, Delícia feathers is a UK based supplier of high quality, hand-picked feathers for professional and hobby designers of carnival costumes, masks, hats, fashion accessories and much more. We specialise in rooster and goose feathers but you will also find some Delícia one-off costumes on our Etsy page. If an item is out of stock, or you need to get in touch please use our contact page or find us on Facebook.

Why Delicia?

Dyed Rooster Feathers

Fast Delivery

All stock is prepped and stored in the UK so no waiting 6 weeks for a package to arrive from China. Our shipping days are Wednesday and Friday via Royal Mail. UK parcels can be with you in a few of days, Worldwide shipping is only £10 and usually reaches you within a week

Quality Rooster Feathers

Colour Range

We stock over 50 colour options meaning your creations will be original with no colour compromises

Multicoloured Rooster feathers


Our feathers are carefully curated by hand. We have a stringent quality control process so only the best feathers reach you. This means you will always receive the quantity you ordered (even a few extra) no waste

Need Inspiration?

Lots of ideas for costumes and colour combos on our Pinterest page, join us there! 

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